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My name is Andy Scheer and Studio 1-Seven is a place where I can share my photography and experience the joy of adding a small bit of creativity and beauty to the world. 

My family and I split our time between Kampala, Uganda, where we live and work, and Northern California, where we call home. 

I enjoy a wide range of photography and love to learn new skills as a photographer, but my greatest joy is in wildlife and nature photography. I particularly enjoy photographing African birdlife as I grew up in East Africa and have been an avid birdwatcher since I was 10 years old.

If the images in my portfolio spark an interest in working together on a business or personal photography project, I'd love to hear from you through the contact form below. 

Thank you to Candice Lassey for the family photos on this page.

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Thanks for your inquiry, I'll be in touch with you soon

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